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The Global Economy and Finance Journal (GEFJ) publishes scholarly theoretical and empirical papers relating to broad filed of economics, banking, finance and related disciplines. The journal aims at creating, promoting and disseminating knowledge about broad areas of economics, banking and finance . It provides a platform for academia, researchers and students to publish their original work that add, improve and advance body of knowledge about economics and finance.

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Current Issue: September 2014 Volume 7 Number 2

Paper Title Author/AuthorsDownload
The Relationship between Tax Revenue and Economic Growth of Hebei Province Based on the Tax Multiplier Effect Feng Yi and Eko Suyono Download
Corruption, Provision of Public Good, and Share of Government Expenditure: Evidence from Emerging Economies Rattaphon Wuthisatian Download
Superior Corporate Social Performance and Financial Constraints: The Case of Japan Ahamed Roshan Ajward and Hitoshi Takehara Download
Investor Sentiment, Profitability and Offer Price Band: Evidence from the Indian IPO Market Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti and Dom Pensiero Download
Examining IPO Success in the Emerging Growth Enterprise Market of China Hai Long and Zhaoyong Zhang Download

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