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The Global Economy and Finance Journal (GEFJ) publishes scholarly theoretical and empirical papers relating to broad filed of economics, banking, finance and related disciplines. The journal aims at creating, promoting and disseminating knowledge about broad areas of economics, banking and finance . It provides a platform for academia, researchers and students to publish their original work that add, improve and advance body of knowledge about economics and finance.

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Current Issue: September 2010 Volume 3 No. 2

Paper Title Author/AuthorsDownload
Investment risk tolerance, before and after recent financial tsunami: A survey in Hong Kong Chris Wang-Wai Chen and Thomas Wai-kee Yuen Download
Forecasting Financial Stocks using Data Mining Luna C. Tjung, Ojoung Kwon, K. C. Tseng and Jill Bradley-Geist Download
Does Bad Economic News Play A Greater Role In Shaping Investors’ Expectations Than Good News? Abdulaziz M. Alwathainani Download
The Simplest Model of Financial Crisis James M. Haley Download
Value-at-Risk Disclosure and Cost of Equity Capital Hanmei Chen Download
Comovement of Asian Stock Markets and the U.S. Influence Jin Woo Park Download
Real Interest Rates and Fiscal Policy: a Global Study Ellis Heath Download
Financial Systems and Economic Performance: A Cross Country Analysis Yasuhiro Yonezawa and A.A.Azeez Download
External Debt and Macroeconomics Performance in Malaysia: Sustainable or Not? Nanthakumar Loganathan, Muhammad Najit Sukemi and Nur Azura Sanusi Download
Response Asymmetry of Latin American Stock Markets to the U.S. Money Market Priti Verma and Rahul Verma Download
Volatility Spillover and Time-Varying Conditional Correlation Between the European and US Stock Markets Ling Xiao1 and Gurjeet Dhesi Download
Bubble and Burst: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on Financial Instability Mohammad Abdul Washad Emambocus and Gurjeet Dhesi Download
Comments on Predatory Lending Behaviour Po Yu Lin and Gurjeet Dhesi Download
Scenario Presentation and the Capital Budgeting Decision Eric Terry Download
Impact of Legal Environment on Bank Performance: An Empirical Study from a Developing Country Anh Tuan Tran Download
The Opportunity Cost of Entrepreneurial Labor And Dominant Financial Contracts William Lim, Muhammad Rashid and Md. Maksudur Rahman Sarker Download
The adopting of the Compliance Program in Italian groups quoted at Italian Stock Exchange Simona Alfiero and Silvana Secinaro Download
Bangladeshi Lending-Deposit Rate Spread: An Econometric Analysis Chu V. Nguyen, Anisul M. Islam and Muhammad Mahboob Ali Download
Conditions for Success: The Importance of Legal Governance in the Privatization Process Houcem Smaoui Download

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