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The Global Economy and Finance Journal (GEFJ) publishes scholarly theoretical and empirical papers relating to broad filed of economics, banking, finance and related disciplines. The journal aims at creating, promoting and disseminating knowledge about broad areas of economics, banking and finance . It provides a platform for academia, researchers and students to publish their original work that add, improve and advance body of knowledge about economics and finance.

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Current Issue: March 2014 Volume 7 Number 1

Paper Title Author/AuthorsDownload
Do Intellectual Property Rights Affect World Trade? Luis J. Gonzalez and Ellis B. Heath Download
What A Puzzle It Is! Does Financial Development Really Benefit Economic Growth? Chiou-Rung Chen, Chai-Liang Huang and Feng-Hueih Huarng Download
Joint Ventures and Involvement of Parent Firms: The Case of Japan Minoru Otsubo Download
Determinants of Customer Satisfaction on Retail Banks in New Zealand: An Empirical Analysis Using Structural Equation Modeling Moha Asri Abdullah, Noor Hazilah A. Manaf, Muhammad-Bashir Owolabi Yusuf, Kamrul Ahsan and S. M. Ferdous Azam Download
Efficiency of Kuwaiti Banks: A Comprehensive X-Efficiency Framework Jamal Ali Al-Khasawneh, Khiyar Abdullah Khiyar and Mohammed Z. Shariff Download
Conditional Skewness of Aggregate Market Returns: Evidence from Developed and Emerging Markets Anchada Charoenrook and Hazem Daouk Download

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