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The Global Economy and Finance Journal (GEFJ) publishes scholarly theoretical and empirical papers relating to broad filed of economics, banking, finance and related disciplines. The journal aims at creating, promoting and disseminating knowledge about broad areas of economics, banking and finance . It provides a platform for academia, researchers and students to publish their original work that add, improve and advance body of knowledge about economics and finance.

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Current Issue: March 2010 Volume 3 No. 1

Paper Title Author/AuthorsDownload
Stock Selection by Means of DEA and Stochastic Dominance Leili Javanmardi and Yuri Lawryshyn Download
Financial Merging of Banks: Is it a “Silver Bullet” for the Second Financial Reform? Teng-kun Wang and Pei-chi Chen Download
Determinants of International Capital Flows:The Case of Malaysia Muhammad Asraf Abdullah, Shazali Abu Mansor and Chin-Hong Puah Download
Underpricing of IPOs: The Case of Bangladesh Md. Aminul Islam, Ruhani Ali and Zamri Ahmad Download
Who Are Driving Commonality in Liquidity? Min Bai and Yafeng Qin Download
Long-run Determinants of Export Supply of Sarawak Black and White Pepper: An ARDL Approach Wong Swee Kiong , Khalid Abdul Rahim and Mad Nasir Shamsudin Download
Evaluation of Malaysia’s Food Balance of Trade Plan: Achievement Rates Fatimah Mohamed Arshad and Kusairi Mohamed Noh Download
Oil Prices and Inflation Dynamics under Alternative Monetary Regimes: Evidence from Brazil Claudio Paiva Download
Innovation, Hawk-Dove Games and Business Cycles Xiaojing (Joanne) MA and Qiang PAN Download

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